I am being subjected to non-consensual remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation and as a consequence of that I am in receipt of voice to skull direct communications which I hear coming from inside my head.   These voices which I hear coming from inside my head sometimes speak directly to me or at other times they speak about me.     This morning these voices which come  from an unknown source were heard by me to say the following:-

“It will be on her permanent record after she dies.”   “What?”    “Her website”   “No. It won’t.”    “What about her youtube videos?”   “They most certainly will not.   We decide what goes into her permanent record.”   (All of that was said at 5.o6 am on29th October, 2019.)

“The police have asked us to immobilize you so that you will be paralysed from head to toe, Gretta.”   “That essentially means that we would have the ability to paralyse you from head to toe at random times and that this would be carried out by unknown individuals who would then torture you at will as they always do.   The individuals who requested that we organise to generate the ability to paralyse you at will are the British police and not the Irish police.” (This was said at approximately 5.25am on 29th October, 2019.