Unconventional warfare is being fought against the people of the world right now by a breakaway society. The breakaway society I am referring to broke away from the rest of the population of the world approximately six thousand years ago and became a secret society of sorts. They hoarded knowledge, money and other resources for themselves. They created and still maintain organised religions. They created and still maintain governments from behind the scenes in some cases. They created many and varied hoaxes down through the centuries because a confused, uninformed and frightened society is easy to manipulate and control.
This breakaway society became preoccupied with the subject of psychology because they were aware that by understanding psychology they could one day control their fellow men, women and children of the world like puppets on strings. They soon realized that the family is the cornerstone and the strength of society. Family members forms strong supportive bonds with each other and with distant cousins from all corners of the world. The breakaway society realized that if they ever wished to totally control their fellow man they must destroy the family unit. To that end they first of all saturated all medias with conversations and writings which promote sexually promiscious behaviour. In the past, right throughout the twentieth centure they strongly urged parents to use corporal punishment to discipline their children. A child who is afraid of their parents does not love their parents because love and fear are opposite emotions. You can not love who you fear. Thirdly, they contrived to manipulate parents to lie to their children at every possible opportunity thus breaking the bond of trust between child and parent. To that end they created and still support the notion that parents should lie to their children about the existence of santa clause and the tooth fairy. A young child when faced with untrustworthy parents will become confused and psychologically damaged and they will lose the close bond which they originally enjoyed with their parents when they finally realise that they have been lied to and made fools of throughout the whole of their childhood.
The breakaway society went on to create all of the following hoaxes as follows :-
The earth is a spinning ball hoax.
The four large islands which were depicted in all ancient maps circling the north pole do not exist hoax.
The demonic possession hoax.
The religious apparation hoax.
The whole of the earth is under full spectrum dominance hoax.
The breakaway society have now in the past few decades manipulated their fellow men, women and children of the world to ingest and inhale biologicals, chemicals, heavy metals and nano technology which has been made to penetrate the blood brain barrier and become embedded in our brains and bodies. They then wirelessly connected our brains and bodies to both computer networks and to super computers. They now remotely influence us by transmitting messages into our brains without the awareness of most of those who are receiving those transmitted messages. They can also send us electric shocks, pain, forced muscle movement , audio, video as well as manipulating our peripheral nervous systems with all types of sensations if they wish. As the wireless connections to their fellow men, women and children is bi-directional they steal data from the brains and bodies of many if not all of us. They can enslave, torture or genocide any and all of us if they so wish if we allow them to erect and activate 5G which has the capacity to send intense pain by wireless remote means. Please ask your government representative to allow 5G to be banned from all countries, as well as to have all installations of HAARP phased arrays throughout the world burned down today.