We are wirelessly connected to an analysis system from neural dust inside our brains.

The billionnaire industrialist Elon Musk informed us that plans have been made to wirelessly connect our brains to a brain internet of things.  However, this has already been achieved.  We have been ingesting and inhaling the neural dust for decades.   Electromagnetic radiation renders our blood brain barrier porus and the neural dust becomes embedded throughout our brains.  We then became wirelessly connected by a bi-directional link to a supercomputer and  now most people have receive subliminal programming which has made them trust in any information which comes from the privately owned main stream media and distrust in alternative sources of information.

The computer or supercomputer network which you are wirelessly connected you to has analysed you and everybody else into categories according to your strengths and weaknesses.  If you have a guilt signature or an addiction or any other weakness they will attempt to use it to manipulate you.