Hundreds of thousands if not millions of human beings are being attacked with directed energy weapons while they are inside their own homes or while they are going about their everyday lives.  They are being linked by wireless means to either networks of computers or to super computers or to both.   They are having experiments conducted on them by wireless means  while they are inside their own homes and whenever they report the matter to the police, their general practitioners or psychiatrists they are being wrongly diagnosed with some form of mental illness.    They then go on to be wrongly incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals where they are mandated to take extremely poisonous substances which have torturous side effects.  If we all become technologically enslaved we will know who to blame   –   psychiatrists.    Psychiatrists are blocking the truth from coming out to the public.  We can not speak openly for fear of psychiatry.   Are psychiatrists under electronic mind control?    They are being allowed to commit acts of extreme evil each and every day they come to work by falsely diagnosing individuals who attempt to tell the truth to their fellow human beings about in-home wireless torture as being mentally ill.