During basic training, trainee police and military are being heavily inculcated into cult like behaviour where they become unquestioningly obedient to a false heirachical based chain of command which has now become almost worldwide in scale. All of their activities have become homogenized to the extent that one human being who sits on top of the false heirarchical based chain of command throughout the whole world can give one order and have it carried out throughout most of the world that very same day. These orders are not in the interests of most of the human race. They are only in the interests of a few human beings who sit near or on the top of the false heararchical based chain of command.

In order to keep the human race doing pointless work the military are tasked with destroying cities so that they have to be later rebuilt. They are also tasked with killing their fellow human beings which is not in our interests.

Further to that information you must also know that the police are being tasked with turning each country into a police state where we are all expected to be unquestioningly obedient to the aforementioned false hierarchical based chain of command. The aforementioned false hierarchical based chain of command are now militarizing police which ensures that many of the police have dual functions so that the general public do not know how to behave towards them anymore.

Further to this, both the police and military are being heavily manipulated by wireless technology which is affecting their brains and central nervous systems and which is the cause of many suicides inside the police and military forces throughout the world. Technology may even now be inserted into their helmets which might adversely affect their brains and bring on brain tumours.

The military throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are currently breaking the law because they are performing a dual function where they outwardly claim to be assisting the police in solving largely unsolveable crimes while at the same time they are attempting to wirelessly bio-robotize a real live human being in the west of Ireland called Gretta Fahey, the writer of this article. Many are highly aware that this is the case and they have prepared a docier for the military police in Southern Ireland who have steadfastly refused to accept it over many years through no fault of Gretta Fahey who is a good living human being and always has been. The most senior police officer in Southern Ireland attempted to turn states evidence against the practice of silently torturing human beings inside their own homes by the practice of human bio-robotization which is now being practiced widely throughout Southern Ireland and further afield but suddenly everything in that area was quietened and the police officer in question will no longer speak to the informer who wishes to continue to transmit information to the outside world through Gretta Fahey by communicating with Gretta through a direct wireless energy link to Gretta’s brain. The private informers of some of this information are worried for the life of this writer whose name is and always has been Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

There are many private security firms whose employees are directly in the employee of the individuals who sit at the top of the worldwide false hierarchical based chain of command. These private security firms look innocuous but they are of extreme importance to the individuals whose ultimate wish is to wirelessly enslave all of their fellow human beings bar none. If the police were disbanded the private security firms of the false hierarchical based chain of command would be given orders to take control of each country throughout the world bar none. Employees of said private security firms are presumably inculcated into a cult of unquestioning and submissive obedience to the false hierarchical based chain of command because the practice of inculcating all military, police, private security employees, clergy, university student bodies and many other groups is practiced universally to the extent that the human race is now being turned into a race of unquestioningly obedient and submissive order followers and their brains are also being interfered with by unrecognised wireless weapons which entrains their brains into a state of unquestioning apathy and self-sacrifice. By the time most student bodies graduate and also by the time most military and police cadets complete basic training they have become unquestioning order followers. These order followers are then given work which is heavily compartmentalized to the extent that the students and the military often lack perspective of where their work is leading to. Due to brain entrainment they are unable to consciously consider if the tasks they carry out are morally and objectively right or wrong before they follow the order given. In fact, currently they are being taught that objective right and wrong no longer exists and they are being reengineered to believe in a concept known as moral relativism where anything can be made to appear moral and right, even acts of extreme evil and torture against their own fellow human beings. That is why we are in the state we are in today.

We must urgently disassemble and ban all military and police forces throughout the whole world and we must then re-employ them as a private police force in each town where the towns people pay their salaries and decide what they wish them to do, independently of what all other towns are employing their private security police for. We must organise this urgently because the fabric of society is shortly about to collapse due to the widespread existence and abuse of wireless crime which I hope will shortly be brought to the surface of public awareness.