Governments may have been advised to turn a blind eye to the targeting of a selection of their fellow country men and women in order to see how these projects pan out and if they are beneficial in any way.

Governments may have been given a false negative profile of targeted individuals.

Members of governments may have their brains constantly entrained by technology to behave inappropriately. They may be complacent when they should be outraged.

Members of government, through false propaganda, may have inadventantly given the green light to the targeting of a selection of their own country men and women.

The laws are being changed to become weapons of those in power rather than tools to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals.

Members of governments may avoid information which triggers awareness of the extreme evils they are committing in the name of good.

At this current time, in western democracies, there exists unelected bureaucrats who are responsible for the many rules and regulations which govern society and our governments appear to me to be puppet governments with no real power to put a stop to overt psychological torture with the use of directed energy weapons and voice to skull technologies.

The targeted individuals themselves must invoke the right to remain silent when approached by the police or psychiatry, because the police and psychiatrists are legally forced to incarcerate them in a mental hospital if they report their targeting.

The same people who are harassing targeted individuals with directed energy weapons are also the people who are major shareholders in the planetary wide main stream media and who decide what is published on a day to day basis behind the scenes of our lives. Most of what is published on a daily basis is incessent indoctrination.