Why I may have been chosen as a Weapons Test Subject.

The voice to skull direct communications coming from directly inside my head once told me that I was put on this government watch list, along with all that entails, because I was making claims about doctors in my locality in such a way that they weren’t able to defend themselves. The one and only time I ever complained about doctors in my locality was in the privacy of a government funded office in Claremorris, Ireland, some time between 2001 and early 2003. I complained to a disability assessment doctor about the way people who suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome were generally being treated for it in a way that served no practical purpose, and I complained about the way I was treated for it in the past, as I had visited up to and including twenty doctors about the matter over a period of many years. I had been denied disability allowance for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the past by a certain doctor in my locality.   I told the disability assessment doctor that I had a meeting with in Claremorris many years ago that I believed I had not been given the help I needed, when I asked for it, by being allowed to go on disability allowance when I requested it. I believe the particular doctor I made the request to may have been trying to save tax payers money by denying my request. I made all of these complaint in the privacy of a government office with only two other people in the office, the disability assessment doctor and her secretary. I never, ever complained to anybody else about this matter, before or since until now.   Back in nineteen ninety five, I was in the workplace when I was unwell and not fit for work due to irritable bowel syndrome. It was immoral of me to behave in this way. I wish to apologise for this behaviour.  The particular medical practitioner who refused me disability allowance was Dr John Connolly, Pontoon Lodge, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.  He is a psychiatrist who I elected to attend at is own home Pontoon Lodge, because I had read that I.B.S. is largely psychosomatic and I had already looked for help from many and varied general practitioners and alternative practitioners who were mostly drug based.  Dr John Connolly prescribed me a drug called Orap which I elected to take of my own free will.  I took several rounds of this drug Orap  over many years on an irregular basis even though it did not improve my health to any great degree.  I took the drug Orap from when I first began to visit Dr John Connolly  and then only sporadically until approximately 1991 but I can not remember exactly when I stopped taking it.  I now know that psychiatry is a pseudoscience.   I eventually got disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome through my own current medical practitioner, which I am very grateful for.

Over many years and on many occasions, the voice to skull direct communication voices in my head laid the blame on me for my inability to get disability allowance for Irritable Bowel Syndrome on my inability to communicate effectively with my doctor. I personally have no interest at all in discussing something that happened in the very distant past. However, the direct voice communications would not stop quizzing me about the issue and blaming me constantly, so that is why I have decided to write about this private matter here. I strongly disagree with their claim that I failed to adequately inform my doctor of my problems. The voice to skull direct communications then informed me that they wish to continue experimenting on my body so they are obliged to pretend it has some type of purpose. To that end they amplify any flaws I have with my health to an enormous extent in order to give them a reason to continue their weapons testing and voice harassment and non-consensual medical experimentation. Furthermore, the voice to skull direct communications further went on to say that they believed the only reason they were asked to using me as a weapons test subject and voice harassment experimentation subject and non-consensual medical experimentation subject was as a means of distracting them from focusing on the real reasons for these non-consensual human experiments, which is take down of humanity.

In 50% of visits the patient and the doctor do not agree on the nature of the main presenting problems. In one study, patients were interrupted by physicians so soon after they began describing their presenting problems (on average within 18 seconds) that they failed to disclose other significant concerns. Most complaints by the public about physicians deal not with clinical competency problems but with communication problems. The language doctors use is often unclear, both as regards the use of jargon and in relation to a lack of the expected shared meanings of relative common terms. The level of psychological distress in a patient may also hinder effective communication. “Doctor Patient Communication – The Toronto Consensus Statement. “https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15318430

I visited the aforementioned psychiatrist, Dr John Connolly at the very least five times and at most eight times and I outlined the very same complaint each time.

I was raised to fear authority to an enormous degree because of corporal punishment all through the public school system, therefore I was afraid to be forceful and disagreeable with my doctor.  Therefore when he refused me the disability allowance I did not feel able to challenge his authority or question him about his decision.

If doctors and their patients had an effective method of communication, for example if each patient was obliged to fill in a detailed form about their general health and specific health complaint in an unhurried manner, while in their own home, this would rule out any and all communication problems between doctor and patient forever. However, it is not in the interests of drug companies or medical schools to have effective communication between doctor and patient because the drug companies and medical schools have something to hide. The controllers of drug companies and controllers of medical schools who are one and the same wish to cause ambiguity throughout main stream medicine and psychiatry in order to fudge their own failings which are many and varied.

Some of the responsibility should have been put on the doctor to illicit my concerns rather than all of it put on to my shoulders.

I have found down through the years that even if I go to great extremes to convince somebody of something, if they are not perceptive to my message, they will not heed me no matter what I say. Because of that, when my doctor refused my request for disability allowance, I became too discouraged and too tired to repeat my story, because I believed that my story would again fall on deaf ears.

Doctors dont take Irritable Bowel Syndrome seriously, as almost nobody ever died from it.  I had previously asked for help for my irritable bowel syndrome from a wide range of medical practitioners throughout Ireland.  Professor McCarthy of Galway saw me twice and informed me on both occasions that he could do nothing to help me.  I only attended him on the second occasion because a general practitioner I was attending at the time asked me to attend him again.   I was seen and tested by the medical practitioners of Galway Regional Hospital on more than a few occasions.    I was seen by numerous other private general practitioners throughout many years.  I realise that general practitioners or occupational therapists or gastroenterologists are not responsible for the irritable bowel syndrome that many individuals suffer from in todays world.  I lay most of the blame for that phenomenon on the dark occultists who run this planet from behind the scenes and who deliberately imbue our water, food, air, tooth fillings, toothpaste, medication, vaccinations, face makeup and deodorant with a wide variety of poisonous substances.  They carry out these atrocious acts deliberately in order so that humanity might have low grade physical health and low grade intelligence.  They are aware that planetary wide take over is not  viable in a planet full of extremely intelligent and vibrantly healthy individual human beings.

If we are not allowed to complain about any aspect of the government without being put on a watch list and then locked on to a computer enhanced human steering and guidance program by our unique brain signature, via brain link technology, where we are being watched by signals intelligence operatives on around the clock and second by second basis for the rest of our lives in some instances and for a short few years of our lives in other instances, we are indeed living in a fascist dictatorship, worse than any fascist dictatorship that ever existed before.

I am not and never have been looking for compensation from anybody, not general practitioners or psychiatrists or neuro scientists or indeed anybody at all.  I am not a vengeful individual in any way.  I am reasonable and forgiving.    I am not interested in the subject I am currently writing about.  I am writing about it because the voices coming from inside my head were obsessed with my health status and constantly asked me questions about myself and why I was not in the work place with everyone else.  If I post everything about myself online nobody else will ever force their voice inside my head against my will with voice to skull military communication technology ever again.

During the late nineteen seventies and all through the nineteen eighties I attended general medical practitioners frequently about my irritable bowel syndrome.   During all that time none of them ever suggested that my irritable bowel syndrome might be in any way related to my diet.  They never mentioned my diet at all.  I now know much more about irritable bowel syndrome and the possible causes for it .  Anxiety is the number one cause of irritable bowel syndrome.  Eating starch based foods is another probable cause.  Carbohydrates are made up of monosaccarides, disaccharides and polysaccharides, which are translated into one sugar, two sugar and many sugar foods.  The polysaccharides which are multi- sugar foods and are commonly known as starch based foods are built in such a complex way that they are very difficult to digest by almost everyone.  If a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome abstains from polysaccharides (starch based foods) their gut  health will improve in almost every case.  I was never given this information from any general medical practitioner because general medical practitioners are bound by strict laws and they stick rigidly to the main stream medical control system which involves asking a number of questions and then writing a prescription.  The satanic and luciferian control system who own and control the pharmaceutical industry and the medical training schools do not wish to encourage self-empowerment in the human race.  They wish us to run to an expert every time we have a problem and never to try to solve it ourselves.   If we were told the truth that at least 95% of all illnesses were caused by  lifestyle choices and we could easily cure them by adopting different lifestyle choices then the human race would be self-empowered and we would not bother to involve outsiders in our own health care ever again.  That is the last thing the dark occultists wish to see happen.  Therefore they attempt to render passivity in the masses by misinforming trainee medical practitioners and the general public in every possible way about their own health.  They push the notion that many illnesses are genetic based and that there is nothing we can do about it.   That is the real reason why I was never advised to change my diet when I visited endless general medical practitioners about my irritable bowel syndrome in the past.

Since I became a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation I have been locked on to a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to the extent that almost any part of my body can be wirelessly interfered with from a remote location by unknown criminal specialists.   When I am sitting on the toilet in the privacy of my own home I nearly always feel a force-field of energy moving around my posterior as well as  my nether regions in general.  This force-field of energy appears to be analysing the contents of my toilet bowl as well as the flow of my urine and any other waste matter that comes out of my body.  While this force-field of energy is being moved around my general nether regions this feeling is accompanied by voices of both men and women who make personal and derogatory comments about me and about my body.   There is never a time when I have any privacy whatsoever.  If Remote Neural Monitoring is applied to everyone on earth except the dark occultists who wish to enslave humanity, all human beings will have their toilet habits analysed on a regular basis as a matter of course.  In order to stop the roll out of Remote Neural Monitoring to the masses of humanity we aught to have all microwave transmitters and millimetre wave transmitters and related paraphernalia banned and outlawed immediately so as to disable all wireless capabilities everywhere while we still can.

“Everything related to human health is controlled by a small group of people who wish to ensure that we do not know how to solve our own health problems. We are being intentionally misdirected by this small group of controllers in order to keep us sick. ”           John Rose.               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7-5WokavOU

I realise now that the most reason why I may have been chosen as a weapons test subject and targeted individual of directed energy weapons is because I am a free will human being, which is the type of human being that the would-be enslavers of humanity can not get any leverage on for any reason.   The would-be enslavers can not get leverage on me because I am not addicted to any substance  and I don’t drink alcohol.   I am not in debt, I do not have a guilt signature for any reason,  and I have never had children so they can not accuse me of being a bad mother and thereby involve the law. 

I have never been married so they can not turn my husband against me and involve the law, which is a tactic they regularly employ if they wish to disempower somebody.  If I lived in public housing which I don’t,  the would-be enslavers would come up with a reason to evict me.   I live in my family home which I was born in nearly sixty years ago.  If I had been born in a hospital,  which I was not,  the powers that be would have more legal rights over me than they did because of being born at home.  Being born in a delivery room has legal implications which favour the powers that be. 

   More important than any of the other methods of obtaining leverage on me is the fact that I do not belong to any organised religion, as all organised religions were deliberately created in the distant past as mind-control mechanisms in order to enslave humanity. Once you are inculcated into an organised religion you are very easy to manipulate from then on.   Organised religions were created to get humanity to ignore critical thinking so that they become easy prey to social control.   Races of people have been enslaved through manipulation by organised religions on many occasions in the distant past.  I have already stated in another blog that I am an agnostic which is the knowledge that nobody knows whether there is a god or not and nobody knows if there is an afterlife or not.  It is all presumption and is a useful tool as a mind control mechanism to prey upon humanity. 

I don’t subscribe to any other false belief systems such as new age spirituality, a belief in the existence of extra-terresterials or a false belief in constant positive thinking which are all erroneous belief systems which were deliberately created by the powers that be in order to confuse,  destabilize  and distract humanity for the purposes of planetary wide takeover and long term enslavement. 

I no longer own my own car.  I mostly cycle everywhere I need to go and occasionally I am driven by my sister in her car.  By owning a car you might have more involvement with legalities than you can have by being a cyclist.  The electrical components in your car can be targeted with directed energy weapons at any location,  thereby stalling your car  at any time. 

I only socialise  with my extended family in our own homes.   We are all ethical people.    I almost never make new friends because I am wary that the people who were involved in my electronic harassment in the past may try to get close to me and exploit me or set me up in some way.   I no longer currently vote in any election as I  believe that by voting I may be  legally disempowering myself.   I do not now have a birth certificate.  I am now known as gretta of the family fahey.  I live in rural Ireland.   The only reason I am revealing all of this information about myself is in order to advise other targeted individuals that no matter how difficult your life might get always stay away from psychiatry which, unbeknownst to the unwitting mental health staff is just another arm of the slow enslavement system.    (I have dealt with the subject of psychiatry in another one of my blogs on this website www.targetedindividualsireland.net.)

The dark new world order criminal cartel have sprayed much of the world with chemtrail spraying which is purported to contain barium, aluminium, strontium, fungus, metallic particulates and an assortment of other ingredients.  Further to that, a concoction of unnecessary  chemicals have been put into the public water supply, food supply, tooth fillings, medications and vaccinations.  Our bodies were not designed to handle these ingredients and so we become ill.  Largely because of this situation, it has now been calculated that approximately one hundred and twenty five million people in Europe and the United States combined suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

I am being subjected to a total body and mind  surveillance known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  I am wirelessly linked by a two way stream of energy  from embedded dust sized technology in my brain and body to a computer network.  All of the electrical activity being generated by my brain and body is downloaded on to the computer systems of neuro operatives who work from an unknown remote location.  This electrical activity is then analysed and categorised by the neuro operatives.  They can tell by the use of their technological capabilities if I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or not.  Through their remote neural manipulation capabilities they can also manipulate my alimentary canal to act against my best interest at their own will.  These people appear to be extremely evil.  They have informed me that they plan to launch a system in the world where people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome would be banned from using public transport in case of bowel leakage problems.   My reply to them is as follows:-  because of all the chemicals currently being added to our food, water, air, tooth fillings, medications and vaccinations which are not in harmony with our natural body chemistry we are all suffering from a certain amount of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms to one degree or another.  That being the case, they will eventually need to ban everyone on the planet from use of all public transport and we will be obliged to return to using privately owned motor vehicles.  Airports, railway lines, and bus services will have to close their doors, such is the level of over control being currently administered to the public by people who are afraid to admit publicly what they actually do for a living.   The remote neural monitoring industry has grown exorbitantly behind the scenes.  My own government in Ireland are unaware of its existence even though many Irish people are being remote neural monitored in secrecy inside their own homes.