The brains of most of the human race have now become digitalized by the following process. We have been sprayed with nano particle microwave resonant material from spraying of the skies over our heads by aircraft. The nano particle microwave resonant material has infiltrated our blood brain barriers and has adhered to the neuro transmitters in our brains. The nano particle microwave resonant material can decode the neuro transmitters of our brains in a process called transcranial brain stimulation. This renders our brains digitalized.

If you send a letter to a politician via email the letter is in digitalized form and the politicians brain is in digitalized form, the neuro operatives who intercept emails at a centralized location scramble the message in the digitalized email and the way it is received in the digitalized brain of the politician.   The politician will be deliberately made to adhere to a strict protocol of indifference to all communications which are counter to what they have already been programmed to accept.   This has been done over many years and is repeated on a daily basis.   The digital signals which are constantly programming their digitalized brains come from nearby microwave transmitters and now also from nearby 5G millimetre wave transmitters.

There is a way around this process. You must write all letters from here on in in your own handwriting in order to subvert this process.

If we all follow this advice we will have great success in waking humanity up to the ongoing attempt at digitally enslaving us by a cabal of globalists. If you are making posters, design them yourself with your own hand.   Inform everyone you write to of the urgent need to organise to have all microwave transmitters and millimetre wave transmitters disassembled and banned throughout the world.   We may be able to destroy the nano particle microwave resonant material which has adhered to the neuro transmitters of our brains by having ourselves pulsed with strong pulses of magnetic energy or we may be able to detoxify it our of our bodies by ingesting borox or some similar substance.

If we do nothing we will all be enslaved by wireless means.   You must act now.