I have been connected to the wireless internet of things without ever being asked for my consent.  It is a cruel wireless remote control, remote enslavement and remote torture  system with no benefits whatsoever for the non-consensually connected victim.  I have been informed that I am now legally entitled to ask questions via bio-communications  and that I am legally entitled to have any and all of those questions answered by this system.  I am very keen to catch out and expose this illegal system by any and all means.
Today 29th August, 2020, in order to catch out this illegal system  I asked it the following series of questions by bio-communication as follows:-
What is the most environmentally sustainable method of dealing with the corpse of a loved one in view of the fact that crematoriums use sixty litres of oil to cremate a corpse and also huge volumes of formaldahide is being poured on most corpses by funeral home staff in order to preserve the corpse for the funeral cermony. However, managers of green cemetaries will not allow corpses which have been contaminated with formaldahide to be buried in their green cemetaries because the folmaldahide leaches into the ground water and the corpse itself takes up to twenty years to decay when saturated with formaldahide rather than the normal two years it takes a formaldahide free corpse to decay. I asked this question of the wireless internet of things system so that I can set up a system to pay for my own funeral when the time comes even though I beleive that I have another twenty years to live at least. I have not received a response yet.  My website is called